Tris is side scrolling run forever game where you control a “Tri” in a retro styled cave world composed of simple blocks. You can stretch your “Tri” to make it thin and fast or push it in to slow it down. You have to dynamically change your speed to help dodge the incoming blocks, while gaining points for surviving.

Tris is cooperatively developed by krangGAMES (Nick Yonge) and Darryl Spratt. Original music by b-ry productions.


  • Control your speed and shape. Going slow has advantages of being cautious while being thin has advantages of going crazy fast.
  • Original Techno Soundtrack. Tris’ soundtrack is made by professional audio designer b-ry productions. It’s fully licensed and hugely enhances the game’s unique psychedelic visuals.
  • Randomly generated world. Tris’ world is made up of thousands of blocks randomly stacked together. Because of this system, every play session is a new experience!
  • Global Leaderboard. While actual implementation is up to the sponsor, Tris is totally ready to implement a global scoreboard or any other API you might want.
  • Charge Up. Holding the left mouse charges your Tri’s energy. Once you activate it, you gain health back, go invincible for a few seconds and get a burst of speed.


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  • 640×480 resolution
  • 6.7mb Approx.

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